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Mr. Moneymaker
   Sire: Money Maker
   Dam: Dusty L.
Color: Sorrel/White Spotted

Standing At: Big Sky Foxtrotters
State: Arizona
Phone: 480-510-8524
E-Mail Address:

Mr. Renegades Go Boy
   Sire: Chief's Renegade Lad
   Dam: Shadow's Dusty Girl
Color: Homozygous Black/White Tobiano

Standing At: Foxwillow Farm Foxtrotters
State: New York
Owner: Alix Didrich
Phone: 845-798-0083
E-Mail Address:

Mustang's Moonlight
   Sire: Ramblin' Prospector A
   Dam: Flash's Foxy Girl
Color: Palomino (carrying agouti)

Standing At: DeMille Foxtrotters
State: Utah
Owner: Heather Jackson
Phone: 801-360-8548
E-Mail Address:

Pancho Villa A.
   Sire: The Legend M.
   Dam: Lad's Charming Duchess
Color: Gray

Standing At: Abbott Farms
State: Arkansas
Owner: William & Brent Abbott
Phone: 479-293-3077 or 479-293-3012
E-Mail Address:

Pancho's Playboy
   Sire: Pancho Villa A.
   Dam: Cast Iron's Fancy Playgirl H.
Color: Grey

Standing At: Miller Ranch
State: Arizona
Owner: Monika Rowe
Phone: 480-683-2104 or 480-585-3862
E-Mail Address:

Perfection's John Henry
   Sire: Toddy's Perfection
   Dam: Smoky Star
Color: Gray

Standing At: Seiner Stables
State: Missouri
Owner: LeRoy Seiner & Donna Glaser
Phone: 417-754-2744
E-Mail Address:

Playboy's Cascade Gold
   Sire: Southern Playboy
   Dam: Playboy's Annie Laurie
Color: Palomino
Shipped Semen
Standing At: K Bar K Foxtrotters
State: Washington
Owner: Keith & Kim Harmon
Phone: 509-276-8108
E-Mail Address:

Prides Traveling John John
   Sire: Old Blue Eyes
   Dam: Pride's Ginger Princess
Color: Amber Champange (homozygous for champagne)

Standing At: For The Horse Ranch
State: Missouri
Owner: For The Horse Ranch
Phone: 417) - 399 - 4146
E-Mail Address:

Prince Jester's Ridin Gold
   Sire: Prince Jester
   Dam: Appollo's Suzi Que
Color: Chocolate
Shipped Semen
Standing At: Heavens Gait Farm
State: Tennessee
Owner: Jaime Whiteaker
Phone: 931-879-6718
E-Mail Address:

Quick Trigger
   Sire: Trip-My-Trigger P
   Dam: Rambler's Black Fancy
Color: Smokey Black

Standing At: Far West Foxtrotters
State: Arizona
Owner: Patrick Oakes
Phone: 480-216-9330
E-Mail Address:

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